About Us

Viridi is the brand that is here to give you answers. We are committed to the health and protection of our family and yours.

That's why we make it easy to get bath and wellness products without ever compromising on quality. We work hard to bring you products that incorporate key essential ingredients to enhance your daily routine. Our everchanging product line introduce new and exciting ingredients to our loyal Viridians but we don't stop there. We make sure you know what your buying and why it's special with our monthly articles.

Where we came from,

Viridi emerged at the dawn of a new world with a singular goal; to create a brand that ensures wellness and quality. A brand our friends and followers could trust. Viridi aims to pioneer a new generation of wholesome and healthy living. Each one of our wellness products are infused with specialized key ingredients to give each of our products a unique kick

With the help of our loyal Viridians, we work hard to bring you specialize products as well as the information to back it up. A products with the Viridi stamp of approval is a product you could trust goes the extra mile