“We strive to make your lives easier without any additional strain to the environment. We do our best to insure the health of our loyal Viridians!”

  • The Viridi promise


All of our actions as a company is driven by that promise. We want to protect you and yours. It’s why we work tirelessly to get you the disinfectants you need without compromising on price or the environment. Viridi puts in the care and love needed in these trying times to protect our loyal Viridans. Yet the question becomes what is a Viridian?

To answer that question we need to go back to why Viridi got started. From its inception, Viridi was made to alleviate but everything changed when Covid-19 struck. We were scared. This invisible threat had put everyone we know and love in danger and so we had to shift. Our focus became protecting our family and so we used all our connections and knowledge to find a way to combat this pandemic. Our sole purpose became finding ways to keep the ones we love. 

Once we secured disinfectants and our families were safe, we thought “Why stop?” We used our contacts to get our sanitizer and wipes every store and shop that would take us. We expanded out into the public and Viridi grew. Our team worked tirelessly to get a working website to expand our reach and help even more than before. That’s what made us.

So what is a Viridian? A Viridian is another member of our family. It’s another human that trusted us with the protection of them and those they love. Our job at Viridi is to keep you and the world around safe. Being a Viridian means trusting our seal to keep you safe and we work tirelessly to earn that trust. Our job is to give our loyal Viridians peace of mind and hope for a brighter and safer tomorrow.



Vi·rid·i: noun. the quality or state of being green; greenness; verdancy. innocence, youth, or freshness.


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