The Post COVID World: Autumn Update

As of March 2020, the world flipped upside down. For months, people were stuck inside of their homes. Many were suddenly jobless, those who still had jobs were working from home, and social interactions were nonexistent. Thankfully, it didn’t last forever. Companies rehired, stores reopened (within limitation),  and the world seemed to reopen though with new rules and regulations. 

This summer we’ve had the first taste of the post COVID World, a world that we’ll all have to get used to. Masks are mandatory, physical contact is fading, and sanitizer and toilet paper are worth their weight in gold. We learned many  valuable lessons from the first wave of this pandemic that will help us move forward and persevere against whatever is thrown at us next. Here’s what we think the Post COVID world will look like as Summer 2020 fades and we gear up for Autumn.

Dining seems to be moved outdoors for the time being so we recommend getting in all your date nights as soon as possible. Going out to eat is going to be significantly harder as the weather gets colder which is going to hurt the restaurant business (again) though many restaurant owners are already investing in outdoor heaters in an attempt to maintain dine in customers no matter the weather.

For those of you sick of dinner night, many business owners are adapting to this new world and are offering a couple of options to get out without breaking the rules. After 40 years drive in movies are back! and offering drive in movies as a fun way to change things up! Escape the Room is also back in action and promising disinfected rooms to parties of four or more. For those looking for a cheaper way to spend the day during quarantine, hiking is a great outdoor adventure that won’t break the bank or any quarantine rules!

We hope you’ve been enjoying your new home offices and workstations because work from home is here to stay! The cost of complying with COVID regulations are becoming too high for most businesses and simply are no longer worth paying. Why spend more on making your employees uncomfortable and scared when you could save money by implementing full work from home. Business owners are investing in all types of programs and new systems to make working from home more seamless so it may be time to bite the bullet and invest in a desk.

We should always hope for the best but plat for the worst and so we have to address the possibility of a second wave. The experts say that second wave is inevitable and we’re already seeing it in places like the UK, Spain, and France. Many become anxious as they flash back to the months we spent stuck indoors but it’s important to remember that the second wave tends to be better than the first and we’ve learned a lot about the Corona Virus. While a vaccine is far from ready, we have multiple new ways to test and have even created Rapid Testing that gives results within 15 minutes of testing. Furthermore, we know more about the virus itself. We’ve learned that while the virus could live in your system fir five weeks or more, we know that after ten days and a decrease of symptoms you are no longer contagious and are free to unquarantine. Second Wave won’t be fun but it won’t be as devastating as the first now that we are armed with this new knowledge. 

In these trying times it’s important to stay safe but also to remain hopeful. Hopeful that this too shall pass and that we have the power to overcome this together. As we shift in to Autumn, we urge you to make the best out of a bad situation while staying safe!

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