The Gift of Charcoal


Soap, shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, face washes, face masks, exfoliating scrubs, toothpastes, toothbrushes, pillows, bath mats, loofahs, and even water filters.  These are just a few of the everyday products that have exploded over the last year just because they threw the word charcoal in the title. Sure, it looks cool but what exactly is charcoal doing for you? How is something that enhances your soap also enhancing your pillow? It all seems odd so we did our investigating and it turns out that activated charcoal lives up the hype.


 What is ‘Activated Charcoal?’

Well for one thing, it’s not the stuff that gets thrown on the barbeque nor the stuff that gets shipped to the naughty list in december. Activated charcoal is not only far more rich in terms of benefit as opposed to normal charcoal which is actually toxic and can NOT  be used like active charcoal. Activated charcoal itself is made from a variety of sources such as bone char, coconut shells, peat, and coal to name a few. The charcoal is then activated by processing it at a very high temperature which changes its internal structure resulting in a fine black powder. This activated charcoal is far more porous than regular charcoal. 


How does it work?

Basically, activated charcoal trapps toxins and harmful chemicals preventing them from being absorbed. Its negatively charged porous texture is what helps trap the toxins. What makes activated charcoal so cool and useful is that since the charcoal is not being absorbed by your body, the charcoal can carry the toxins out of your body along with it.


What are the benefits?

The reason that everyone is infusing activated charcoal is because of the abundance of benefits. The list can go on forever but here are the big ones:

  • Skin Care - Probably the most widely known applications of activated charcoal is skin care. Applying activated charcoal to the skin helps exfoliate and keep the skin clean by absorbing toxins. Also, research is being done on activated charcoal being used as a treatment for acne
  • Bug Bite Protection - Researchers have reasonably suspected that charcoal's ability to absorb toxins can help combat insect and snake bites. There is also similar research being done for activated charcoal’s use in emergency poison treatment.
  • Gas Reduction - Bean eaters and dairy lovers rejoice. New studies have shown evidence that activated charcoal can help combat gas production after a gas inducing meal. It might even help improve the odor of your flatulence so the hope of eating your chili cheese fries with pride is out there!
  • Teeth Whitening - We thought charcoal toothbrushes were a bit excessive but activated charcoal actually helps whiten your teeth! Apparently, it absorbs plaque and other nasty teeth staining gunk from your mouth
  • Water Filtration - Using activated charcoal to filter your water is the new hip and eco friendly way to keep your water clean. The activated charcoal absorbs the metal and fluoride resulting in clean and clear water
  • Lowering Cholesterol - Evidence from recent studies is leading many to suspect that activated charcoal can help reduce cholesterol levels
  • Promotes Kidney Health - Activated charcoal helps improve kidney function by eliminating toxic waste in the body. This is super useful for those struggling with kidney disease
  • Hangover Prevention - We always advise our loyal Viridans to watch what they drink but if you’re looking to let loose then at least let us give you some tips to make the morning after a little more manageable. Consuming activated charcoal with alcohol is said to reduce blood alcohol levels and therefore reduce or even eliminate the dreaded effects of a bad hangover


 Is it safe?

Viridi is all about trust and safety. We’d never make or recommend a product that could compromise the health of our Viridi Family. The research shows that activated charcoal is safe. At most, it could potentially cause unpleasant symptoms or side effects such as nausea or constipation though only to a very small almost negligible percentage of people who could potentially be allergic. We do however highly recommend talking to your doctor before using a charcoal product if you are taking any prescription medications.



While it just seems like another trend or fad, the science is promising in the realm of activated charcoal. Who knew that superheating a lump of coal could yield such a handy substance? It’s function is pretty simple yet insanely useful. Absorbing toxins in your body and exiting through your body along with said toxins. The uses range from skin care, to kidney care, to bug bites, the applications are endless! It’s safe, healthy, and has the Viridi stamp of approval so get aboard the activated charcoal train and follow this miracle substance to a healthier lifestyle!

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