Five Tips on Living in the Moment

Living in the moment is simple in concept but hard in practice. It entails blocking out all thoughts of what’s to come and focusing on the here and now. Living in the moment is about letting go of the worries about what happened in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future. It’s about not only enjoying what is happening in the moment but appreciating it as well

Fretting about past blunders and missed opportunities is a waste. Worrying about the future robs you of the potential joy you could reap from today and holds you back from living life. What is important is the present.

Unfortunately, living in the moment is easier said than done. It’s so easy for us to say “I’m going to live in the moment” but once we’re in that moment we forget about that promise. We forget about it because the future scares us and the past is taxing. Even if we don’t forget, how does one simply not worry about what’s to come? How is someone supposed to simply forget about what has happened? Fear not loyal Viridian, because we did our research and are here today to break it down and provide you with Five Tips on Living in the Moment.


  1. Appreciation

To live in the moment, you need to focus on what you’re doing. In this fast pace and constantly changing world it’s vital to slow down every once in a while and take in your surroundings. Even more important, appreciate it. Shut off the TV, turn off the computer, and savor the moment. Whether your sipping your morning cup of coffee, working at your desk, walking to the store, or eating lunch. Step back and just appreciate what you have. Remember that not everyone has what you do. Appreciate and embellish the moment. 

  1. Smile

Life could often get dull and monotonous but don’t fall down the pit of negativity. Every morning you make a choice. A choice to either be optimistic and expectant or pessimistic and glum. We all want to take the optimistic route but it’s not easy. What helps is starting your day with a smile. Even if there is nothing to smile about, fake it until you make it! You’ll soon find yourself smiling every day without even realizing it.

  1. Be nice 

Being nice goes a long way to feeling better about yourself. Random acts of kindness doesn’t help you live in the moment. It makes you enjoy the moment. Start small. Turn a friends frown upside down. Pick up an extra coffee for a coworker. Share your umbrella with the unlucky stranger that forgot hers. Random acts of kindness, whether they be big or small, not only helps you live in the moment, but improves the moment!

  1. Worry Less

We know, we know. How could I not worry? If I don’t worry then the bad thing I’m worrying about might happen!  Trying simply saying you won’t worry about what’s to come isn’r possible but why not try worrying less? You could worry, just don’t let it take over your day. Remember that worrying today won’t change what happens tomorrow. Every second spent worrying about the future is a wasted second that could be lived. It’s time to take back today and that starts with fighting back against tomorrow. Focus on actively looking for solutions rather than wasting time worrying about what may happen down the line

  1. Me Time

Life could sometimes feel daunting which is why taking me time is important. Whether it’s a vacation or a walk in the park, it’s important to find the time to do things that make you happy. Everything moves fast and it’s important that we don’t forget about our own enjoyment. Find a hobby or something that makes you happy and set aside time to do it. You work hard and deserve happiness but sometimes we have to make our own happiness.

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