Candles vs Diffusers

Over the last few years, aromatherapy has become the new hot thing. Awareness of aromatherapy and its benefits grows every day and more people than ever before are investing in building their own arsenal of diffusers and candles. We know the basic gist of essential oils is smelling good, but many tend to ask whether the same effect can be gained  by simply burning a scented candle? This question obviously sparks the debate of what’s better to use when it comes to aromatherapy? Candles or essential oil diffusers. 

If a pleasant scent is all you want candles is the way to go. None can deny that candles give off a more powerful and all encompassing aroma. However, if aromatherapy treatment and a healthy lifestyle is what you’re after then diffusers may be the right aromatherapy tool for you. The benefits provided by dispersing essential oils through a diffusers are pretty hard to ignore. Both have their benefits and we’re here today to break those down for you!

Sure, lighting a scented candle will engulf the surrounding area in beautiful scents but thanks to that flame, you also get the aesthetically pleasing candlelight casting a warm and serene glow. Scented candles create an unparalleled ambience thanks to that combination of entrancing flickering light and a pleasing smell. The intoxicating scent of a candle accompanied by the subtle glow helps melt stress away and bring upon a wave of relaxation.  They are for the connoisseurs of scent that appreciate more complex scents.

Diffusers are a little different. Rather than lighting a candle which emits the fragrance within the wax, diffusers use reeds or mechanical diffusers to disperse the oil into the air. This not only releases a lovely aroma but also certain health benefits based on your oil of choice. Using a diffuser is a better way to deliver the healing properties of that oil to those around it and there are many healing properties these oils bring on. From stress and anxiety relief to energy boosts. Adding diffusers throughout your home ensures a stream of lovely and stimulating scents that makes your house into a home. The lack of flame gives you the option to place them wherever for as long as you’d like with no need for caution. Diffusers give off their natural aroma throughout each and every day for weeks or even months depending on your diffuser and oil. 

So what’s the verdict? Lighting a scented candle is a beautiful way to bring upon a wave of intoxicating aroma into your home, but you need to be present whenever they are alight. Diffusers on the other hand, have a more subtle scent but are more independent. You could set them down without a worry. Both have their benefits and merits and one can’t be said to be better than the other. It may sound like a cop out but when it comes to aromatherapy vessels, it’s all situational. Whether you need a diffuser or a candle entirely depends on what you need. The best part is that it’s not a competition! Use a candle, a diffuser, or both! Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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    Never knew about this diffuser stuff, so interesting!

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