5 Quick Tips For A More Successful Mindset

It’s hard to make in this increasingly competitive and crazy world. Whether you're a cook, stock broker, artist, or salesman, it could seem impossible to make it. Whatever the job or field you want to succeed in may be, it’s never easy. It takes hard work, practice, and dedication to make it in any industry but even more importantly it takes work on yourself. Self care, mental health, and a proper regimen is vital to success. No one person is perfect and we could all use some work.

While one blog post isn’t going to change you from a zero to a hero, it could get you on the right path. That’s why we put together this quick list of five ways to set yourself up for success


 1) Take responsibility for whatever happens in your life

Life is wild and chaotic. As much as we plan and prepare, there’s no way to anticipate what happens. While it’s obvious that you should never beat yourself up over the unforeseen, there is a great weight of importance in accepting what happened and taking responsibility for it. We’re not saying blame yourself, we’re saying take responsibility. Don’t point fingers or blame external powers. Accept what happened has happened and it’s now your problem to deal with. 

Pointing fingers rarely yields good results and often causes us to push things off. It hinders our progress because instead of dealing with the issue we wind up just complaining about whoever or whatever we decided to point fingers at. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was. Don’t blame your boss for firing you or your parents or friends for your issues. Accept the reality that you are fired or have commitment issues and just deal with it. Instead of pointing fingers, be active in solving the problem.


 2) Don’t Beat Yourself Up

We all screw up from time to time. Regardless, a small mistake could embarrass us and wind up irking us for hours or even days. It’s important to learn from our mistakes but there is a fine line between that and beating yourself up. When screwing up, it’s important to internalize the lesson but beating yourself up will get you nowhere.

Too often, many of us focus on what we did wrong rather than how we could improve ourselves and move forward. It’s important for all of us to look to the future rather than the past. Beating yourself up only wastes time where you could be productive and make active change in your life. That’s not to mention the stress and anxiety that comes with self deprecation.


3) Gauge Your Expectations

A lot of the time, we build up future situations. Whether it be expecting a fulfilling and enjoyable job or expecting romantic relationships to be problem free, the idealist inside all of us hopes for a brighter future. The issue is that our expectations rarely meet reality. It’s fine to have high hopes but what’s dangerous is expecting reality to meet those expectations. We’re not saying to be satisfied with the status quo or to stay stagnant. Shoot for the stars and chase your dreams but don’t expect the reality to be exactly what you envisioned.

You could meet an amazing girl but odds are, she’ll have a quirk or two and that’s if you’re lucky. You could find the perfect jobs but there will be days you hate it. Just because you got what you wanted doesn’t mean it’ll be what you expected. Accept the fact that while your life will not always be what you envisioned, that it isn’t a bad thing.


4) Be Grateful

We all have our problems but we also have what to be grateful for. Sure, there are people who come from wealthier families, are naturally gifted, or better looking. That doesn’t discount all that you have. Be grateful for what you have because just like there will always be someone better off than you, there will also always be someone who has it worse. Being ungrateful is similar to blaming others for the follies of your life in that nothing is gained from being negative about your situation. By being grateful, you are actively choosing to be positive and accepting that good things could and therefore will happen to you.

Appreciating what you have is essential to a successful mindset. Appreciation is essential to a positive outlook. Being negative leads to self deprecation, blaming others for your problems, and many more unproductive tendencies. Even outside of building a successful mindset, wouldn’t you just rather be more positive? Appreciation is a choice you make and although it takes work, it’ll make you a happier person.


5) Have Some Pride

Being arrogant is obviously not a good thing but neither is being unsure of yourself. Are you perfect? Heck, no. You’ve screwed up, embarrassed yourself, and made dumb decisions more times than you care to admit. You’re flawed but here’s a little secret; We all are. A famous president with a silly top hat once said “It's not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up." Despite all your blunders and mishaps you got back up on the horse and gave it another go. You persevered and overcame. Wherever you are now, whether it be in a business, romance, or socially, you’re there and you should be proud of it.

We all have our own obstacles that we all overcame and it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a little pat on the back every now and then. You used what you had and you got where you are. Take pride in your accomplishments and let them give you the confidence to overcome the next challenge or take that next scary step. Take that leap of faith knowing that you’ve succeeded before and can do it again. Know that even if you fail, that you can get back up and try again or succeed somewhere else, just like you have before. Trust yourself and your skills!

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